All Museum items have been sold. Stamps and fine art auction ongoing in March. Please go to: https://www.beloitauction.com/

The Christopher Columbus Museum and the accompanying Chicago 1893 Columbian Exposition (World’s Fair) exhibit displays more than 2,000 quality items.

This personal collection of Dan and Rose Amato particularly focuses on the 1492 to 1892 400th Anniversary Celebration of Columbus’ discovery of America. The educational exhibits include many rare items within a broad collection of diverse and unique items that include statues, lithographs, glassware, china, porcelain, tapestries, metals, fiber art, and other types of memorabilia and souvenirs. The exhibit spans 3000 square feet.

We are located inside the Columbus Antique Mall (Wisconsin’s largest) at 239 Whitney Street in Columbus, Wisconsin. Click HERE to plan your visit.

Statue entitled “Columbus Invoking a Heavenly Blessing on the New Found Land.”
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