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All Museum items have been sold. Stamps and fine art auction ongoing in March. Please go to:

The Christopher Columbus Museum displays cover 300 feet of wall space and 80 cases with about 2,000 items. This is an extensive personal, active collection of Dan and Rose Amato which they began collecting in 1981.

One of the rare items in the collection is the 1892 porcelain statue the “Watch of the Santa Maria,” featuring the three ships’ captains by John Rogers. It is one of only six in existence.

The Amato’s collection also includes newer objects of art honoring the legacy of Christopher Columbus.

Joining of the World in Peace and Friendship in This Age of Discovery.

This stained glass triptych depicts Columbus’ landing in the middle panel, flanked by new world and old world images on the left and right panels. Created by Jim Weigert with the frame by Fr. Ambrose Holzer.

Christopher Columbus 500th Anniversary Discovery of America in 1492

Capodimonte porcelain statue created by Germano Cortese (deceased). Naples, Italy #86/1492

Christopher Columbus Landing on the Shores of San Salvador: Dawn of October 12, 1492

Capodimonte porcelain statue (1990) by Luciano Cazzola. #104/500 Florence, Italy

Other items of special interest in the museum include:

  • Scale models of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition Ferris Wheel and the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria by Duane B. Anderson, Columbus, WI.
  • 500th Anniversary 1992 Souvenirs.
  • Extensive collection of quality 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition souvenirs, statues, and lithographs.
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Columbus Lighthouse Display and Stamp Collection.
  • 1892 John Rogers’ Columbus & Captains Porcelain Statue Grouping (1 of 6 in world). (see image above.)
  • Columbus’ 1492 First American Landfall in Haiti Display, Cape Haitian, Haiti area, honoring Dr. Wm & Joanna Hodges (deceased), 59 yrs. Medical Missionaries at Le Bon Samaritain Hospital, Limbe, Haiti.
  • Extensive Christopher Columbus and 1893 World’s Fair Library
  • Display Honoring Capt. Doug T. Peck, Solo Sailor who Twice Retraced Columbus’ 1492 Route to San Salvador Island and his 1493 Return to the Azores, Portugal and Spain.
  • Knights of Columbus Display.
  • Set of 30 Cristoforo Colombo, Il Genovese exhibit posters.
  • Space Shuttle Display of NASA Astronaut Michael L. Coats and Discovery’s Mission STS 29, including the Commemorative Ribbons Flown in Space. (One with Columbus and the Santa Maria & the other honoring the 1892 National Public Schools Columbus Day Celebration.)
  • 1892 Promotional Poster of “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” in Paris, France before his return to the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893.

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